Asia 1700 ‘L’Asie’



‘L’Asie : dresée sur les observations de l’Academie Royale des Sciences et quelques autres, et sur les memoires les plus recens’

Cartographer Guillaume de L’Isle created this map of Asia which was published in Paris (at Chéz l’Auteur sur le Quai del Horloge) in 1700. English translation from de L’Isle’s note : ‘As there are several things on this map and on the others that I have uncovered that are different from what is on the maps that have appeared to be true; It is expedient to warn that this has not happened inadvertently, and that I am giving reason for these changes in the New Introduction to Geography.‘ French language.

Reproduction Size: 36″x 28″ (91.5cm x 71.1cm)

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